I needed to come to a point in my life where I had to acknowledge how great a sinner I am.

“Lost” is a honest song. Written Loosely based on David’s confession found in Psalm 51. The lyrics were also influenced by  Martin Lloyd Jones’ book “Out of the depths”

Here it is



Smile Again – Chords and Lyrics

Smile Again 🙂      

E                      B5      C#m      A5
Just another ordinary boy
E                          B5                  C#m        A5                E
Trying to find my way in this complicated so frustratin life
B5              C#m     A5
Then I heard about you
E                              B5        C#m
Heard you you can give me joy
F#(open)             A5
and make me smile again like never before

.                                     E
Then you came to my life
.                              B5
took a hold of my heart
.                           C#m
turned it upside down
.                         A5
made it into something beautiful
.                                 E
Now I’m running to you
.                               B5
Coz I’m feeling so blue
.                            C#m
Take me in your arms
.                                A5
Cos you’re the only one who can
.                             E
make me smile again

.     B5           C#m        A5
Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah       C’Mon
E    B5    C#m    A5                   F#(open) A5
la la la la la la la la la ///              la la la la la la la

E                   B5              C#m           A5
Everybody seems so insecure
E                                 B5               C#m          A5                    E
Longing searching everywhere to find that simple peace of mind
B5                C#m         A5
all they gotto do is turn to you
E                    B5                           C#m
coz when I’m with you oh sweet Jesus
F#(open)                A5
yeah you make me wanna fly…………….. fly so high
Then you came…